May 192012

Some words from a GigSpire graduate – Tim:

“To become a professional in a field of study we obtain an education and other forms of training to help position us for success. Searching for a new job in an era of multi-media is no different. There are special skills and “tricks of the trade” that many of us simply do not know about although we would like to think that we do. Prior to me attending GigSpire’s “Education for the Job Search”

I am an Executive CFO professional who followed the typical job search process that millions of people use, posting my resume on numerous job boards, and performing the “click to apply” approach. Then you wait and hope for a call which can be frustrating. It was not until I attended the GigSpire Education for the Job Search class that I realized there are many options available that enables a job seeker to take a more targeted, more effective approach to finding a job quicker that fits well with your career aspirations and personality. Further, the skills you learn can be used immediately and in the future.

Recent college graduates all the way up to C wing executives can benefit from the curriculum. I was initially skeptical when GigSpire invited me to attend the class. After the second day of training, however, I became a believer. If you want to learn skills that will set you apart from the millions of other job seekers I recommend that you reach out to GigSpire for more information. It would be time well spent.” – Tim