May 232012

Some words from a GigSpire graduate Alex:

“GigSpire is an amazing course on how to get miles ahead in the game of the job search. I am a freelance videographer specializing in music video production, so naturally I am always searching for my next gig. GigSpire’s methods for networking in person and on social media have been invaluable to me. GigSpire’s methods have saved me much time and frustration, and also have directly benefitted my practice in an industry built entirely on elbow-rubbing and making good impressions.

Also, as a recent college graduate, the GigSpire Program was the best college course I never took. My curriculum at University did not prepare me at all for what it takes to get a job in this market, and thankfully GigSpire offers EVERYTHING you need to know, and more, as the course is constantly evolving and is tailored to the individuals taking the course and their needs.

I have some friends who think that applying for jobs is common knowledge and refuse to believe that they could benefit from job search training. Needless to say, THEY ARE STILL UNEMPLOYED, and probably will be for a long, long time. As they say, what you reap is what you sow. Those willing to invest a little bit of time in themselves through GigSpire are going to see immediate and dramatic results – in the form of a fat paycheck way sooner than later.

Thanks for everything you’ve done for me!”