Mar 312013

Texas Job GrowthJob growth is happening in the United States and Texas is leading the way lately. According to The Texas Workforce Commission, “The state’s employment has grown by 3.3 percent over the year, with 11 major industries showing positive growth over the year.”

You can read the full article here. The good news is job growth is happening, in many pockets around the country. Texas is the big winner adding job particularly in the Construction, Mining and Logging, and Manufacturing industries.

Everywhere people are getting jobs. If you are struggling to get a job, think about your approach. Ask yourself if you know what kind of work you want and why? Do you give a good interview? Are you marketing yourself effectively?

The answer to the job search isn’t about employers, it is about the mindset of a “job seeker.” Become a “job hunter.”

Mar 082013

It sounds counter intuitive when you first hear it, why turn down a job once you’ve received an offer? In this day in age, many people find themselves grateful for the opportunity to work after being unemployed for a span of time. Given not everyone has built up a pipeline of future employers or even set out to interview with many different companies. We all have our own needs and interests, so what would it take for you to turn down a job? Is there ever a bad reason? This article highlights why it’s okay to walk away from some offers and why you should continue to look even if it means going without a pay check for a little longer.