About GigSpire


GigSpire Teaches People How To Search For Jobs

The GigSpire Program is job search curriculum with an original and distinctive methodology. It is also an approved provider for Continuing Education Units (CEU) from an accredited teaching facility supported by The Ohio State University, one of the top 10 learning institutions in the United States.

Actually, GigSpire is much more than just a job search curriculum.  It embodies all aspects of the job search experience and successfully prepares candidates to face the diminishing job market our country is experiencing.

The content developed by GigSpire is singular in the career services marketplace not only because of the personal approach, but because it is built on experience and proven self-empowerment techniques.

As proof of its power, the GigSpire Program was adopted by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a Training Provider for the Virginia Employment Commission due to GigSpire’s proven success to increase a person’s employment readiness levels.

Recently we completed a survey of students who had experienced training in GigSpire’s program over the last 18 months. Of the respondents, made up of both men and women with varying levels of skills, abilities and experiences, the following results occurred:

  • 100% said they would use the tips and techniques in future job searches
  • 77.8% found employment in less than 3 months, besting the national average of 4.5 months

Who Created GigSpire

GigSpire is the brainchild of David Muir, Jr., a Headhunter and recruiting specialist with over 20 years of experience in business and personnel management. He gained his experience as the CEO of Results Driven Staffing and being the Architect and Lead Instructional Designer for the Department of Labor’s Employment Workshop, a job search program delivered to over 200,000 military service members annually.

GigSpire is a series of 68 courses with 192 Learning Objectives that has been packaged into a one-week workshop designed to provide self-help answers for job seekers. The GigSpire Program assists a student in the identification of a targeted job search strategy through a step-by-step roadmap of self-directed activities.


“GigSpire’s Program is powerful because unlike job search services, it teaches the job seeker a methodology that enables him or her to develop career skills he or she will retain for life.”

David Muir, Jr. – Founder



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