About GigSpire’s Leadership



David Muir, Jr. – Chief Executive Officer

David Muir is the Founder of the GigSpire Program and has been hiring and helping people get hired for nearly two decades. He has helped hundreds of people be better at their job search and developed a formalized program proven to be successful in increasing opportunities for the job seeker. Mr. Muir recently completed the redesign of the Department of Labor’s TAP Program, offered to military members transitioning to the civilian workforce. The new program, re-branded The Dept. of Labor Employment Workshop, is now mandatory for all exiting service members and is estimated to support over 200,000 people annually.

Mr. Muir’s professional training experience began as a Training General Manger for Cosi Restaurant, Inc. where he reversed three negative trending, multi-million dollar restaurants in Washington, DC, in 18 months. In addition to restoring operational and financial controls and setting records for customer service ratings and financial performance, Mr. Muir played a critical part in developing training programs and systems for over 200 people and was instrumental in developing front line and management personnel.

Mr. Muir transitioned into recruiting and aligned himself with top recruiting firms in Washington, DC. Receiving training from some of the top SMEs in the industry he accepted a position to create Results Driven Staffing, an organization committed to aligning individual skills with employer and workplace needs.

Mr. Muir lives in Virginia with his wife Michelle and their two children, Kendall and Nathan. He is also the holder of two US Patents.

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