Aug 092012

If you are a Facebook user you may already know there are apps available to you that can help with your job search. If you are one of those people who haven’t checked out apps before, there are a few that are very powerful and gaining momentum.

If you are not a Facebook user, we strongly suggest that you create an account right away and begin building a network. If you are concerned about people being able to find you, realize that is the whole point. If you are concerned about security, there are settings you can and should use. The power of Facebook is amazing and there are a number of opportunities that are missed because people are wary of using Facebook. Don’t be that person.


The Facebook Marketplace is an app that is a community based marketplace, similar to a Craig’s List, that allows for all sorts of interactions. The key difference here is that you are able to see connections your friends may have to opportunities, things being sold, for rent or wanted.

Marketplace also has a jobs section and often there are positions available in your area. Just like in Craig’s List not all of them will fit your needs but it is another resource to use in your job search. There is a good write up by Allison Doyle on using Marketplace for job search on that can be found here. I recommend you check it out as she has some good advice on using this tool.


The BranchOut app is Facebook’s answer to LinkedIn. The app is committed to finding jobs, professional networking and recruiting perspective employees. The interface is fairly easy to use and you can even import your resume. The same concept applies here, you are able to see what companies and possible positions your friends are connected to, making an introduction to the opportunity easier.

These are just the two most popular apps on the Facebook platform that job seekers should become aware of and perhaps even use to find a job.