GigSpire Helps Your Kids Get a Job After School


Wondering why your kids can’t get a job? Have you finished paying thousands of dollars on his or her education only to see them struggling to find work?

You are not alone.

The good news is GigSpire can help. Contact Us to learn how.

Thousands of recent graduates are stuck trying to start their careers, with little success. For a few of them, it is based on a lack of effort. For most however, these young men and women are facing the most difficult job market in recent history. Some of the reasons they are struggling to find work:

  • Older generations are putting off retirement
  • Experienced workers are accepting less money for work
  • Companies are hiring fewer people, holding onto cash reserves
  • Most recent graduates do not have any professional experience and have yet to establish a professional network
  • Your son or daughter doesn’t know how to find a job

Finding work isn’t as easy as many people think. Job boards are filled with millions of poorly written resumes, many of them written by recent graduates. Job search is a skill that isn’t taught in school. Many students fail to take advantage of school career centers, believing that their degree will be enough to get an entry level opportunity. Most have no training in how to write a professional resume. And although your child may be a whiz with social networking, when it comes to professional networking they have no idea where to go, who to talk to or what to say.

The job search is a challenge and your son or daughter must have a strategy in his or her search. A good job search strategy involves:

The Gigspire Program

  • Knowing the best job or jobs that fit his or her personality, skill sets, career goals and personal needs
  • Researching the language and employers related to those jobs
  • Understanding how to build a professional resume that:
    • Includes industry Key Words so he or she appears immediately relevant to the position
    • Incorporates Search Engine Optimization (SEO) characteristics so she or he can be found when people are looking for candidates with her or his skill sets
  • Leveraging Social Media to identify and contact vital players who can help her or him get a job
  • Networking professionally online, over the phone and in-person
  • Interviewing effectively by providing “value add” information to the employer about his or her past accomplishments and his or her ability to be successful in the future as well as following up post-interviews without being a pest

There is no magic to the job search; no one perfect way to get a job. By understanding how to create and execute a strategy your son or daughter can get a job or career that fits who he or she is and increases his or her chances of successful, long-term employment.

GigSpire’s curriculum works. Our data shows that people who learn and master the techniques taught in our program get a job 1 month faster than the national average.

If you are interested in learning more about the GigSpire program for your son or daughter, how to access our training or get them a spot to attend one of our workshops please Contact Us for more information.

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