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GigSpire Supports Career Center Professionals

Career centers are busy places and the career transition experts assisting job seekers have limited one-on-one time because so many need help.

GigSpire can help. Contact Us to learn more about our WIA partnership with the Virginia Employment Commission

You can find our registration with the VEC by:

  1. Visiting the Virginia Workforce Connection page
  2. Clicking on the “Training Provider” link at the bottom of the page
  3. Typing “MULTD” in the keyword search (MULTD, LLC owns The GigSpire Program)
  4. Clicking on the listing for “The GigSpire Program




Prepared Job Seekers Maximize a Career Center Expert’s Time

Career Center staff members are plugged into their local community and are familiar with a wide variety of employers and other assistive services. Graduates of the GigSpire Program are prepared to engage with career transition professionals, ask intelligent questions and get the most out of conversations with these experts.

The Challenge

Often career center staff must start working with a job seeker on the basics, resume design and registering with job boards for example, before the individual is ready for focused assistance such as introductions to employers and interview preparation.

GigSpire Readiness ChartJob Seeker Fundamentals

The GigSpire Program accelerates a job seeker’s knowledge about the job search through over 40 hours of direct instruction and practical application. Students of the program exit with a knowledge of the positions best suited for them, a strategically designed resume, a strong networking plan and a roadmap for job search activities.

GigSpire Motivates Job Seekers

Often when a person walks into a career center for help they know very little about the job search. Limited contact time with experts, lack of resources or the ability to use resources properly, poor resumes and many other factors can result in an individual feeling hopeless.

The GigSpire Program helps job seekers improve their job search skills through learning exercises which yield tangible results.

Students experience quick success in learning basic skills of the job search. These small victories boost the confidence, focus and passion of our students making them more enthusiastic about working with Career Center Professionals and acting on their recommendations.

GigSpire’s workshop is founded on the idea that many small successes build momentum towards large accomplishments.

If you are interested in learning more about GigSpire or our WIA affiliation please contact us.

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“…your training is essential to the hiring process. Even though I was a highly trained professional, I learned a great deal.” James A.

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