GigSpire is a Partner in Corporate Downsizing


Struggling with layoffs? Need to find a solution for people your organization is letting go?

GigSpire can help! Contact Us for information about workshops and solutions for those affected.

Being forced to let people go from employment is challenging. Aside from the human element, costs associated with unemployment are enormous. Many private sector companies make the strategic decision to offer displaced workers outplacement assistance.

Direct experience of GigSpire’s Executive Team and feedback from individuals who have received this outplacement assistance have led to the defensible conclusion that these outplacement assistance programs do very little to prepare a job seeker. In fact, many of the skills needed to find a new job in today’s era of cutting edge technology, including topics such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media know-how, are lacking in other outplacement assistance programs.

Companies in the private sector can pay as much as $10,000 per employee to outplacement companies with a negative Return On Investment (ROI) since most of the time these services are simply not effective or missing.

Private sector “citizenship” is now an important, strategic attribute. With multi-media technology making available the use of public forums where current and former employees can tell the world how work life is within a company, negative “press” is something that private sector companies want to control.

GigSpire helps former employees have a higher success rate in finding new employment quickly. Our data shows people completing the GigSpire Program get jobs in a quicker timeframe, a full month faster than the national average. This reduces the risk of “negative venting” in public venues. Additionally, the fact that a former employee who receives our training becomes hired faster, the costs associated with the collecting of unemployment benefits makes GigSpire a cost savings investment.

Companies interested in a cost effective alternative to typical outplacement services that increase the chances of an affected employee securing new employment quickly should Contact GigSpire to learn of our programs for Executive, Management and line personnel.

GigSpire’s track record of success will increase the morale of remaining employees and reduce potential liability costs associated with disgruntled workers from unemployment claims and possible litigation for wrongful dismissal.

GigSpire’s solution is:

  • Is innovative
  • Undercuts competitor’s costs
  • Offers reporting ability to customers about an individual’s progression through the curriculum, insulating the customer against liability by being able to track participation

To learn more, please contact us to discuss our custom outplacement options.

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